Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't All Beef Grassfed?
The term grassfed beef can be confusing to some, after all most cattle enjoy grass as part of their diet during their lifespan.  However, this does not make them grassfed.  Conventional cattle start receiving grain just a few months after birth and spend the last 90 to 120 days at a feedlot where they have no access to grass at all.  Although cattle from "natural' or organic beef producers may stay on pasture their entire lives, most are still supplemented with grain.  True grassfed beef consume no grain at all.  Why is this distinction so important?  Because all of the wonderful health benefits of a grass diet diminish as soon as grain is added, even just a little grain.  If the "natural" or organic beef you are buying isn't 100% grassfed, then  you are missing out on more than just antibiotics and growth hormones.

What does Grassfed Beef taste like?
Grassfed beef tastes like beef - rich flavorful beef.  Thanks to industrial agriculture, most of our meat products are becoming generic in taste.  And why shouldn't they be, the cows eat the same thing as the chickens and the chickens eat the same thing as the pigs, you get the idea.  In contrast, grassfed beef production has been compared to the wine industry.  Just as the wine from each vineyard has subtle and unique characteristics, so should the beef from different grassfarms.

Where is the beef I purchase coming from and who produced it?
What was the cattle fed and how was it treated?  If you have bought your beef from anywhere other than a local farmer, than you will really never know the answers to either of these questions.  Traditional super markets haven't a clue as to the origin of the meat they sell and even natural food stores will tell you their grass fed beef comes from South America.  Other "natural or organic beef" companies may sell their beef under their own label, but many outsource the production to other ranchers.

Future regulations requiring cattle IDs will help with tracking the source of food contamination, but little else.  When you get right down to it, labels, certifications and animal IDs may help.  But if you want to really know about the beef your buying, you need to know the farmer.  Baucom's Best 100% Grassfed Beef is raised exclusively on our farm.  We are responsible for the care of our cattle their entire lives.  We invite you to come visit our farm.  Just call and let us know when you are coming or sign up to attend one of our Farm Tour Days.