Our Story

Our story is probably like many of yours and can be summed up in two words - Full Circle.

Where we began has ironically and gratefully become where we are now.  Fortunately the big loop along the way has taught us many valuable lessons, as I'm sure it has you.

Some of my fondest memories as a little girl were visiting my Granddad at the neighborhood grocery store he and his brother owned.  He would always let us get a bottle of "coke" out of the cooler before we wondered our way back to his meat counter.  I remember watching him make sausage and all the people that would come from miles away just to buy HIS meat.  He knew his customers by name and did his best to serve them.

As time passed and I grew, so supposedly did our knowledge of healthy food.  It was so simple.  White meat - good, Red meat - bad.  I whole heartily adopted the white meat only philosophy and a piece of red meat did I not eat for over fifteen years.

It was during that time, that my path crossed with that of an old farm boy and we decided to travel life together.  My husband grew up in the country where they canned their own vegetables out of the garden and raised their own meat out in the pasture.  He was taught the value of hard work, to be a good steward of both land and animals, and to always make sure the tractor was greased!

As time passed and he grew, so supposedly did the advances in commercial agriculture.  It was so simple.  Do it bigger, faster and cheaper by whatever means necessary.  He adopted this philosophy and began his career as a commercial poultry grower.

When the time came to consider expanding our farm, we instinctively began to explore the commercial beef business.  We learned a lot, and as we did our "turn toward home" began.

Somewhat accidentally, we learned of a different way to raise cattle; one without feedlots, hormone implants and antibiotics.  It was a better way for the animals which are humanely raised in open pasture.  It was a better way for the environment by conserving open land and natural resources.  It was a better way for families because it produced a product with tremendous health benefits.  And it was a better way for us to produce a product that we could be proud of and sell to customers we would know by name.   We not only thought it was a better way, but the best way.  And thus, Baucom's Best was born.

So, that's our story.  We would love to hear yours and hope that we can become part of it.